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Parralox European Tour Update - May 16

It's been a few days since our last update, but it feels like a lifetime ago.
The Parralox shows in Berlin and Dresden were fantastic, and the crowd were so supportive! In Dresden last night we played 3 Encores, it was a really amazing experience.

For the last song (since we ran out of tracks, and hadn't planned on playing 3 (!) encores) we got the drummer from Versus on stage with us to do a completely unplugged version of Isn't It Strange. We also debuted a new track (Supermagic) and played that again in the encore.

Extra special thanks to Niels & Ange Piesker, Sarah Endres, Ingo Moller, Matzi, Splani, Nancy, Doreen, Empire in Dust, Ostrich, Versus, Endless Shame & Pleasant Fiction and the many others we forgot to mention. The after show party at Dresden with all the bands was nearly as much fun as the show itself. You guys all totally rock!

Today we arrived in Gothenburg and are now spending some time with Sebastian Hess (Wonderland Records). We are just doing some last minute rehearsals for our show tonight with Universal Poplap at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Can't wait to play with Universal Poplab..

Next live shows..
May 16 - Pustervik (Gothenburg, Sweden) - Universal Poplab & Parralox
May 20 - Bar Music Hall (London, UK) - Electroqueer with Bim, Dear Martin & Parralox
Aug 27 - Infest 2010 (Bradford, UK)

Thanks, John.

ps - live pics from all the shows will be posted shortly.

Article on Parralox - Isn't It Strange (CD) on Art...
24 hours till Electro City Moods (Berlin)

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