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Parralox - Dubculture (Digital Edition)

Buy Parralox - Dubculture (Digital Edition)

"Dubculture" the remixed version of "Subculture" is out now on all digital platforms.
The Standard digital edition features 14 tracks, while the Bandcamp release includes 6 additional remixes!

Remixers include Distain!, Winston Eksteen, AJ, LorD and Master, Telekon, Hidden Souls, Blinky Blinky Computerband, Cyborgdrive, Mechatronic, DMT Berzerk, People Theatre, Foretaste, Kris and Gay Cat Park.

Dubculture features vocals by Johanna Gervin, Louise Love and Lillia Mendoza and Bass Guitar by Ian Burden (The Human League)

Stay tuned for some accompanying music videos from Dubculture.

There are a few copies left of the Dubculture Limited Edition CD Bundle, as well as the Dubculture - Blank Cover CD Mispressing on conzoom Records.

Have a great week and thanks again everyone for all your support,
Love you long time!

xx John & Johanna 😎

Dubculture (Digital Edition)

01 - Paradise feat Lillia Mendoza (Winston Eksteen Remix) (Extended)
02 - Electric Nights feat Johanna Gervin (AJs Retro Remix V3)
03 - Key to the Door of Heaven V2 feat Lillia Mendoza
04 - Gimme Back My Lovin feat Lillia Mendoza (LorD and Master Remix)
05 - Change of Heart (AJ's DX7 ReMix)
06 - A Question of Love feat Louise Love (Telekon Remix)
07 - Jupiter feat Louise Love (Hidden Souls Remix)
08 - Pressure Point feat Louise Love (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix)
09 - Overdrive feat Ian Burden (Cyborgdrive Remix)
10 - Last Year at Marienbad (Distain Remix)
11 - Last Man Standing feat Peter Wilson (Mechatronic Remix)
12 - Voyager feat Louise Love (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
13 - Rocket Science (People Theatre's Target Mix)
14 - 86G feat A7-H (Foretaste Remix)

Bonus Tracks (Bandcamp Only)
15 - Paradise feat Lillia Mendoza (Winston Eksteen Hypnofunk Remix)
16 - Paradise feat Lillia Mendoza (Winston Eksteen Remix) (Radio Edit)
17 - Gimme Back My Lovin V2 feat Lillia Mendoza
18 - Jupiter feat Louise Love (LorD and Master Remix)
19 - Pressure Point feat Louise Love (Halo Remix)
20 - Voyager (Sky) (Gay Cat Park Remix)

 Parralox - Dubculture (Album)

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Monday, 15 July 2024

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