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Limited Edition CD Bundle - Change of Heart + Holiday '19

Click here to buy Parralox - Change of Heart and Holiday '19 (Limited Edition CD Bundle)

Happy New Year!
Last year Parralox released the 3rd and final single from the Subculture album called "Change of Heart" which included some amazing remixes by Italoconnection and DMT Berzerk. Then in November 2019 they released "Holiday '19", a seasonal Album with synthwave / retrowave cover versions of old classics by legendary artists including Ramones, Depeche Mode, Propaganda, The Human League and more.
This "Holiday ´19 / Change of Heart" release comes as a "Super Deluxe Fan Bundle" which features the following releases and some unreleased mixes (Marc Almond anyone?) and is strictly limited to 150 copies worldwide.

Holiday ´19 (Official CD release)
Change of Heart (Official CD release)
Somebody II (Promotional CD release - exclusive to this bundle)
Megamix 2014 (Promotional CD release - exclusive to this bundle)

This Limited Edition bundle can be ordered until 12.01.2020
And everybody who orders the "Holiday ´19 / Change Of Heart (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)"
will get their names printed in the booklets of both official CD releases!

Thanks again and hope you all have a brilliant 2020.
See you in Manchester when we perform live at FAC251!!
❤️ John, Johanna, Jane and Louise.

Click here (or any image on this page) to order the Holiday '19 and Change of Heart Limited Edition CD Super Duluxe Fan Bundle (what a mouthful)

Here are the track listings for the Super Deluxe Fan Bundle:

Holiday ´19 (CRCD PLOX 29):
01. Lucretia My Reflection 5.25
02. Human 4.27
03. Are 'Friends' Electric? 5.12
04. Heart Like a Wheel 6.47
05. True Faith 6.06
06. Life Kills 3.45
07. Duel 5.25
08. Pet Sematary 4.06
09. But Not Tonight 5.27
10. Tears Run Rings V3 *

* exclusive to Limited Edition CD

Change of Heart (CRCD PLOX 27):
01. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Radio Edit) 3.35
02. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Extended) 6.28
03. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Naked) 4.58
04. Voyager (Sky Remix by Gay Cat Park) 4.24
05. Change of Heart (Take the Money and Run Remix by Lifelike) 5.18
06. Change of Heart (DMT Berzerk Remix Extended) 6.20
07. Paradise feat Lillia Mendoza (Azure Remix V2 by Sean Quinn) 7.19
08. Beautiful World (Benja Remix V2) 4.58
09. Change of Heart (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) 6.24
10. Change of Heart (Demo V1) *
11. Change of Heart (Pleasure Time Remix) *

* exclusive to Limited Edition CD

Somebody II (Remixes) - Promotional CD exclusive to this Limited Edition:
01. Somebody II (Remix II)
02. Somebody II (Mi Disguise Remix)
03. Somebody II (Jose Jimenez Radio Mix)
04. Somebody II (Joe Gillan Out There Mix Radio Edit)
05. Somebody II (Mike Jolly Radio Edit)
06. Somebody II (Winterdaze Remix)
07. Somebody II (Julian Marsh Remix)
08. Somebody II (Remix)
09. Somebody II (Mi Disguise Extended Remix)
10. Somebody II (Jose Jimenez Extended Mix)
11. Somebody II (Joe Gillan Out There Mix)
12. Somebody II (SIRPAULTM Remix Instrumental)
13. Somebody II (Acapella)

Megamix 2014 - Promotional CD exclusive to this Limited Edition:
01. The Sun and The Rainfall
02. The Model
03. Silent Morning
04. I Sing the Body Electric
05. Enjoy the Silence
06. I Love You Too Much
07. We Believe In Electric Headhunters
08. Headhunter
09. Goodbye Horses
10. A Little Respect
11. Sirius
12 Eye in the Sky

Buy now onBuy Parralox - Holiday '19 on conzoom RecordsBuy Parralox - Holiday '19 on Bandcamp Buy Parralox - Holiday '19 on iTunes Buy Parralox - Holiday '19 on Beatport Buy Parralox - Holiday '19 on Deezer Buy Parralox - Holiday '19 on Amazon Listen to Parralox on Stealify

 Click here to buy Parralox - Change of Heart and Holiday '19 (Limited Edition CD Bundle)

Click here to buy Parralox - Change of Heart and Holiday '19 (Limited Edition CD Bundle)

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