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Parralox - Sharper Than a Knife


Sharper than a Knife

Written by John von Ahlen

Verse 1
It was only a matter of time
Before I had to say goodbye
Johnny 7 knows I'm right
We talk about it all the time

Pre Chorus
I told you lies, I even compromised
I tell you
I'll never feel that way again

Why did you try to change me I thought you'd realise?
It took me so long, but now that you're gone I'm fine!
You hurt me so bad, I don't know if you can understand
That your love cut me sharper than a knife

Verse 2
Now I hope you understand
Biggest person in the land
That is something you are not
My self respect is all I've got

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Title Sharper than a Knife
Songwriter   John von Ahlen
Vocalist   Roxy
Production #   008
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   David Lynch
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase, Soundforge
Instruments   Linn Drum, Fairlight CMI IIx, Jupiter 4, Halion
Time   3:48
BPM   124
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Available only on Bandcamp SubscriptionsElectricityParralox - Sharper Than A KnifeSharper Than A KnifeMegamix 2011Megamix 2008Parralox - Megamix 2008 CDrElectricity (Expanded)Electricity (Expanded) Digital DownloadMark Reeder - Five Point One (Compilation)Parralox - Megamix 2015You Can Depend On Me - The Amazing Mixes Of Pete Hammond Part 2Parralox - Remix Series (Will Alonso)Parralox - Remix Series (Will Alonso) (Promotional CD)Parralox - Exclusive (Album)Parralox - Exclusive CD1Parralox - Exclusive CD2Parralox - Exclusive CD3Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law)Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law) (Promotional CD)Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law 2)Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law 2 CDr)Parralox - Remix Series (DMT Berzerk)Parralox - Remix Series (DMT Berzerk CDr)Parralox - Singles 1Parralox - Singles 1Parralox - Electricity (Acapellas) CDrParralox - Electricity (Acapellas)Parralox - Megamix 2016Parralox - Megamix 2016 (Limited Edition CD)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 2 (EP)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 2 (Limited Edition CD)Parralox - Remix Series - Halo (EP)Parralox - Remix Series - Halo (Limited Edition CD)

Additional Info :

Written in a lucid dream.
Woke myself up and recorded it into my phone.
That gum you like is back in style.
This song was picked up by Perez Hilton when first released it in 2009 and really gave us a lot of exposure in the early days. What a wonderful time :)
Mark Reeder (B-Movie : Lust and Sound In Berlin) also contributed a remix for his FIVE POINT ONE CD.



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