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Parralox - Old L.A. Tonight


Old L.A. Tonight

Written by Ozzy Osbourne, John Purdell and Zakk Wylde

Verse 1
Look into the future
Look into my eyes and tell me everything's all right
Tell me where we're going
I'm so afraid 'cause I don't know what's going on with my life

But it'll be all right tonight
Will it be all right tonight?
Are we doin' all right in old L.A. tonight?

Verse 2
Sitting by the ocean
Mapping out my plans of action, baby they include you
I wish you'd send a message
Maybe I'm just better off not knowing who knew

But it'll be all right tonight
I'm gonna be all right tonight
Are we doin' all right in old L.A. tonight?

Those summer nights when I look in your eyes
I'm falling to pieces, pieces
Out of my mind
And I never know why
I'm falling to pieces, pieces

Middle 8
Who could imagine such a thing could happen to you?
It's gonna be all right in old L.A.

Those summer nights when I look in your eyes
I'm falling to pieces, pieces
Out of my mind
And I never know why
I'm falling to pieces, pieces

It's gonna be all right in old L.A. tonight

Title Old L.A. Tonight
Songwriter   Ozzy Osbourne, John Purdell and Zakk Wylde
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Backing Vocals   John
Production #   245
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Ozzy Osbourne
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   Serum, GX80, MemoeryMode, PolyMode, Sylenth, Six-12
Time   4:44
BPM   86
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Parralox - Old L.A. Tonight V3 (Acapella) available only on BandcampParralox - Holiday '22 (Album)Parralox - Holiday '21-22 (Compact Disc)

Additional Info:
Thursday 24/11/2022 2301 hours
Chris came over tonight and we watched Shin Ultraman. It was actually a very fun movie. We had dumplings. I walked him to the tramstop and then came back to the studio and I was planning on doing some final mixes for Holiday '22 on the songs I've already done. then out of nowhere I thought about doing an Ozzy Osbourne track. Specifically Thunder Underground, which I already covered with my previous band Nova back in the 90s.
I actually met Ozzy when he came out to Australia back in the late 90s. My brother and I went to a meet and greet when he was signing copies of Ozzmosis, and they asked the fans a bunch of questions and had giveaways etc. Growing up in my household - I was the synth guy and my brother was the heavy metal guy, but we each enjoyed each others music. So anyway, the host is asking all the fans these questions, and then when he asks "What's the first thing Ozzy asks when he check into his his hotel room?" I put up my hand and answered "where's the minibar" and I was right! All the fans were gobsmacked, my brother even more so, which is how I got my copy of the album, plus my brother and I each got a photo taken with Ozzy. I'll dig through the archives and see if I can find a copy.
Anyway as I was listening to Thunder Underground, I scanned through the rest of the album and remembered how much I loved Old LA Tonight. I also considered Mama, I'm Coming Home. but after listening to all the tracks I decided on Old L.A. Tonight. I don't know why I'm choosing these songs that have these incredibly high vocal notes.
I should stop typing notes and start the programming.

Friday 25/11/2022 0036 hours
I've just finished the mapping and arrangement of the song, based on the original track. I've played back nearly all the parts based on the song book I have. Yes, I have the actual Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis SongBook!
I'll lay dome some quick synthdrum tracks and then some guide vocals. the song is 160 / 80 BPM, so I think I will try and go for a real, proper synthwave feel on this one. So far the songs on Holiday '22 have veered into 90s sound, so I want to see if I can keep thios one as pure as possible. I always say that and never quite manage it. time will tell. Let's get recording.
0044 hours - Final Chorus
0106 hours - Just dropped the song 3 semitones. Otherwise I'll be singing in head instead of chest, and this needs to be belted out. I'm not sure if the verses will be too low, but I'll find out in a second.
0210 Verse 2
0245 Middle 8
0310 Verse 1
0326 Bridge 2 Fniished recording lead vocals
0528 Working on Music / Drums / Loops
0619 I've been awake too long. I just noticed the time. I'm going to end the session and print V1. I made a lot of progress tonight. The song is 80% done! Till next time.
0637 Just printed the final V1 mixes. Also, I used a lot of GX80 and MemeoryMode on this track :)

Saturday 26/11/2022 1940 hours
Chris just came over and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special. I'm now going to record the backing vocals for this track. It's taking a while to work them out, but I have the chords, so I'll use the thirds and fifths etc if I can't work them out exactly. Mark was supposed to come over tonight but he just cancelled on account of having to work tomorrow. Shame, I was looking forward to catching up with him. There's always next time. Back to the vocals.
2012 hours - Mark dropped over quickly. Was nice to see him. He didn't stay for long though. Still recording BVs for the chorus
2205 hours - I finished the BVs and am now working on the music. I think I have to rebuild from scratch. Darren just messaged to tell me he bought a Nord Lead for #350! What a bargain.
2330 hours - Sharyn just messaged me, she's coming back from Hanging Rock. Should be home in an hour.

Sunday 27/11/2022 0101 hours
Just dropped Fritz and Roger back at Sharyn's place. She just texted me that she got back from the Nick Cave concert at Hanging Rock. I played her V2 which I just printed and she approves. Not sure about the solo section and the instrument, which is fine because I'm not 100% on it either. And listening back I'm not sure if the arpeggios work in the intro now (I removed the DX7 Rhodes). I'll have another listen in the light of a new day and see what V3 brings. Acapellas and Instrumentals are now printing. Good night!

Thursday 01/12/2022 2309 hours.
Chris just came over and we watched The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) in 4K. Simply Glorious. I walked him to the tramstop and came back to the studio and started the work on V3. Earlier in the day I redid all the solos. Now I've redone the drums and added bassline to the verses. Added a new superpad to the chorus and given the song a mix from the ground up. I think it's nearly there.
Friday 2022 12 02 0100 hours - Just printed V3. Off to bed soon. First having a mini pizza and watching The Critic - Marathon Mensch before bed.

Thursday 08/12/2022 2227 hours
Went to take Jack for his annual booster shot, and got to Parliament station to find they have replacemernt buses running between Flagstaff and Essendon, which means I can't take Jack and Fritz (they won't let dogs on the buses) So I rescheduled the vet appointment. At lunch I had to go to 11H this morning two fix the cold water faucet. One of my guests said the tap wasn't turning off. That took about 45 minutes or so. Then I took the dogs for a walk to the GPO and aruond the city.
Went to Muay Thai at 1800 hours and got to the studio around 2000 hours.
Petra messaged me and just gave me the sad news that Tante Lotte passed away, so we will go together to Germany for the funderal, which will likely be mid January 2023. I was watching random YouTube videos and got the inspirarion to re-work this song. So I'll stop typing and start working on the new synth lead part, and take out the cheesy DX7 rhodes.

2333 - I've gone classic Parralox and borrowed a little bit of Queen, Ultravox and Tangerine Dream. I think the song works now.

Friday 09/12/2022 0005 hours
I think I've finished the mix. I added a new synthook using Serum and Tangerine Dreamish synth I created, plus I used the OP-X PRO-II for the solo (an homage to Queen - I Want To Break Free) plus some 808 claps in the chorus to give it a bit of a hook.
I removed a ton of extra synths that were just cluttering the mix. It sounds really full now, even though there's barely anything there. Phew. I'm glad that one's done. I can't wait to do the video and for people to see and hear it. My manager Adam is leaving Tel Aviv and heading back home to Hollywood tonight, so I'll send him this V4 mix to listen to. I hope he likes it.

0059 hours - For shits and giggles I did a version (V5) at 116 BPM. Not sure if it works, but maybe. It'll probably be a bonus for the Bandcamp subscribers..

John von Ahlen meets Ozzy OsbourneJohn von Ahlen meets Ozzy Osbourne in 1995

Brian von Ahlen meets Ozzy OsbourneBrian von Ahlen meets Ozzy Osbourne in 1995

Ozzy Osbourne instore at Virgin RecordsOzzy Osbourne instore at Virgin Records in 1995

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