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Parralox - Machines


Written by John von Ahlen

Verse 1
You gave me nothing, I gave you enough
Why can’t I trust you, it’s more than enough
I send you letters, I save you my heart
I made a promise, I fell from the start
We all need lovers, we all need a friend
It’s not a science, please say it again
Like falling crystals, my heartache it grows
I feel the passion, this time I should go

I, I’ve fallen in
I’ve fallen in love with my friend, loyal friend
And I, I fall in love
I know you’re not afraid to fall to fall in love again
I, I’ve fallen in
I’ve fallen in love with my friend, loyal friend
And I, I’ve fallen in
I’ve fallen in love with my friend again

Verse 2
We go to Berlin, we travel by plane
We go to London again and again
Two steps forward then two steps back
We’re still hidden, but we like it like that
And ten years later, we stick to our plan
I’m a woman and you are a man
We’re still together and we are still friends
I love this journey, please don’t let it end

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
We feel, mmm yeah yeah
Do you feel the love, we feel the love yeah
Do you feel the love, I feel the love
Do you feel the love
There’s someone calling out
For your love
It’s calling all around you

Title Machines
Songwriter   John von Ahlen
Vocalist   Amii & John
Production #   044
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Douglas Adams
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   Linn Drum, Fairlight CMI IIx, Jupiter 4, Halion
Time   4:20
BPM   113
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   MetropolisMetropolismI Sing The Body ElectricParralox - Machines (Dubstar Remix)

Additional Info:
Written on 17th of March 2010.
Remixed by Dubstar (Simon Hillier & Sarah Blackwood) and released as a Digital download on September, 18th 2020.

Parralox - Machines (Dubstar Remix)



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