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Parralox - Key To The Door of Heaven

Key to the Door of Heaven

Written by Lillia Auzou & John von Ahlen

Show me the key to the door of heaven x3

Verse 1
I know there's a place very far away
And I'm sure that if you look it will appear
Right before your own eyes, you will see the real thing
Travelling through the galaxies, you'll see that it's real!

The eternal breath that turns the world around
It's a place for you to find, it's a place for you to find
Travel through the skies, then it hits your eyes
Show me the key to the door of heaven
Show me the key to the door of heaven!

Verse 2
Don't let anyone stand in the way, soon you'll realize
That what you have is greater anyway
Look into my eyes, and come closer
Soon you'll realize, and you'll find
That what you had was better in the end
That what you had was better in the end!

Repeat Chorus

Chorus 2

Show me the key, show me, show me the key,
Show me, show me, show me the key to the door of heaven.

Repeat Intro
Repeat Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus 2

Title Key to the Door of Heaven
Songwriter   Lillia Mendoza (née Auzou) & John von Ahlen
Vocalist   Louise Love
Backing vocals   Lillia Mendoza (née Auzou)
Production #   118
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Howard Jones
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase 8
Instruments   Fairlight CMI 30a, Emlator II, Linn Drum, Poly 61, SH-101, Pro One, Juno 106, JD 800, JD 990
Time   04:01
BPM   128
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Parralox - Subculture (Album)
Additional Info:
Written by John von Ahlen and Lillia Mendoza (née Auzou) in 1996 while in the band Nova, who were originally signed to Sirius Music / Sony Music Australia in 1994.



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