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Parralox - Eye In The Sky


Eye in the Sky

Written by Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson

Verse 1
Don't think sorry's easily said
Don't try turning tables instead
You've taken lots of chances before
But I ain't gonna give anymore, Don't ask me
That's how it goes
Cause part of me knows what you're thinkin'

Verse 2

Don't say words you're gonna regret
Don't let fire rush to your head
I've heard the accusation before
And I ain't gonna take any more, believe me
The sun in your Eyes
Made some of the lies worth believing

I am the eye in the sky, looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don't need to see any more, to know that
I can read your mind, I can read your mind

Verse 3

Don't leave false illusions behind
Don't cry, I ain't changing my mind
So find another fool like before
Cause I ain't gonna live anymore believing
Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving

Title Eye In The Sky
Songwriter   Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Production #   088
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   George Orwell
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase VST, Cubase 6, Soundforge
Instruments   Wasp, Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Neon, Nexus, Halion Sampler, Mod Delay (43%,600.00ms, 1x 1/8, 41%)
Time   3:55
BPM   112
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   RecoveryEye In The SkyEye In The Sky (Reimxes)Perez Hilton Presents Pop Up Volume 4Parralox - Megamix 2014Parralox - Megamix 2015Tainted Candy (2015) (Compilation)Parralox - Remix Series (Will Alonso)Parralox - Remix Series (Will Alonso) (Promotional CD)Parralox - Exclusive CD3Parralox - Remix Series (People Theatre)Parralox - Remix Series (People Theatre) (Promotional CD)Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law)Parralox - Remix Series (Talion Law) (Promotional CD)Parralox - Singles 2 (Album)Parralox - Megamix 2017Parralox - Megamix 2017 (Limited Edition CD)Used in TV Commercial for 'VHSDNA'Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 2 (EP)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 2 (Limited Edition CD)
Used in TV Commercial for 'VHSDNA'
Additional Info:
Parralox's most successful song, with over 350,000 views on YouTube and counting. Also, the first Parralox single sung by John von Ahlen. 




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