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Parralox - Dreams of Leaving

Dreams of Leaving

Written by Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Adrian Wright

Someone stopped the clock when we should have started early
If we miss the morning meeting our lives will be in danger
Someone's trying to stop us, there is someone in our party
It is someone with a grudge and they won't let us reach the border

Our lives are in his hands, we pay with Krugerands
The currency of pain to help us leaving
While back in our homeland the ones who make a stand
Are taken from their homes and no one hears of them again

I felt I had to come here, I thought things would be better
The situation's changed but I find I'm still resented
Someone wants my job it is someone in this building
Someone's spreading rumours and I don't feel I can stay here

I think I'm going north and now's the time to leave
The people there they say are good to strangers
And if I do my best and try to settle in
I'm sure I can be just like someone's neighbour

I'm sure I can be just like someone's neighbour

Title Dreams of Leaving
Songwriter   Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Adrian Wright
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Backing Vocals    
Production #   209
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   John Cleese
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   Linn Drum LM1, Fairlight CMI IIx, Arturia Matrix Brute, Moog Voyager II, Roland Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBX-a, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.
Time   6:38
BPM   128.100
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Download Parralox - Dreams of Leaving V5 (Acapella) - available only on Parralox Bandcamp SubscriptionsParralox - Travelogue (Album)Parralox - Dreams of Leaving (Single)
Additional Info:

Recorded for our cover of the classic Travelogue album, which The Human League originally released in 1979.
Released on Compact Disc on conzoom Records. The Deluxe Edition includes 3 Limited Edition CDs.

Song production began on Thursday the 20th of February, 2020.

Monday the 15th of March, 2021.
2006 hours.
I'm working on V3 today. I did the other versions at the start of the year and the year before.
Did a double class today of Muay Thai + Boxing as usual at lunchtime.
Then I caught up with Paula at 1425 hours and we had coffee at Gloria Jeans. I spilt her coffee when I leaned over to say hello.

I went to Sharyn's after that and we walked Jack, Roger and Fritz to CBA so she could get her documents changed, but CBA was closed so we went to Westpac next door.
I waited out the front with the dogs, and then a teller from the bank came out and said to me "We're dog friendly! You can wait inside".
How lovely that was!
And totally unlike Australia which is usually quite backward when it comes to dog friendly spaces.

I got back to the studio around 1635 hours and thought I would play around with some of the new VSTis I bought (Cherry Audio DCO-106 and UJam).
I first loaded up Parralox - 232 - Prelude in E minor (Op. 28 No. 4) V3 - 2021 03 15, which I added a DCO-106 and printed that version at 1720 hours.
I used a free version of the Pro One VSTi but it was unstable and crashed like a mother, so I deleted it.
Then I did Parralox - 232 - Prelude in E minor (Op. 28 No. 4) V4 - 2021 03 15.wav with the new DCO-106 (it's rock solid) and printed that at 1749 hours.

I then wanted to try out the Amber VSTi, and thought I would use it on a new Parralox song I was writing (Zenith) but then saw this song, and remembered I hadn't worked on it for ages, and I should really get a move on with it.
And maybe how could it work to have some acoustic guitar in the track, even though I had already programmed a fairly dance/techno version.

I recorded vocals for the song in the followinhg order
V3 - 1809
V4 - 1811
V1 - 1817
V2 - 1825
C1 - 1841
C2 - 1843
C3 - 1850
C4 - 1853
C5 - 1855

Then I played the actual chords and added the acoustic guitar. I got rid of pretty much everything else I had programmed prior, except for the shakers, which I redid anyway.
I left in the SFX and the stabby Phil Spector chords, and redid everything else from the ground up.
I changed the bagpipe sound.

Then I started work on that hideous Middle 8 section.
Only hideous because it's such a diversion from the actual song and will be a bitch to program. I've added in tempo changes and manual VCA fades etc.
I'm typing these notes now at 2018 hours. The song is half baked, but I think it's well on the way.

I think I might be able to add some dance / Linn Drums and make it a bit more in line with the rest of the new versions.
For now this is V3.
V4 will probably have some drums added.
2142 and i'm printing V3. The pizza is ready!



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