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CD Paper Case - Parralox Remixes 3

Parralox - Remixes 3

Released on December 29th, 2017.
conzoom Records. CRCD PLOX 024 LTD3.
Subterrane Records PLOX024 LTD3.



  01   Caroline McLavy   5.18   I Never Thought (Parralox Remix)   122 BPM  
  02   Paul Lekakis   5.33   All Around The World (Parralox Remix)   128 BPM  
  03   Hollywood Beyond   5.24   What's The Colour Of Money (Parralox Remix)   106 BPM  
  04   Seaofsin   4.54   BL (Parralox Remix)   124 BPM  
  05   Tycho Brahe   5.55   Sex Rocket (Parralox Remix)   127 BPM  
  06   Comfortable Cave Goodbye   4.06   Travel In Time (Parralox Remix)   102 BPM  
  07   Human Lynx   6.33   The One To Save You (Parralox Remix)   120 BPM  
  08   The Magickal   5.28   The Ticket (Parralox Remix)   116 BPM  
  09   Will Alonso   5.57   Her Calling (Parralox Remix)   126 BPM  
  10   Telekon   4.48   King Of Nothing (Parralox Remix)   127 BPM  
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Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - John von Ahlen
Written by - John von Ahlen
Original track appears on - Various Artists

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information: Released as a Promotional CDr with the Holiday '17 - Limited Edition 4 Album Bundle, this product sold out within 48 hours of announcement on conzoom Records!
Copies are still available from Lexermusic.
Also released commercially as a Limited Edition CD on Bandcamp.
℗ 2024 Subterrane Records
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