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Psyche Unforgotten Rhymes

Unforgotten Rhymes - A Tribute To Psyche (2015)

Digital Download. Released on May 23, 2015

  1.   Equinoxe   04:47   Future Trail    
  2.   Murder In Your Love   04:11   Arcana Obscura    
  3.   The Outsider    05:11   Technomancer    
  4.   Angel Lies Sleeping   04:32   Come In Peace    
  5.   Mr. Eyeball Ooze    05:20   ECHO WEST    
  6.   September Moon    05:08   Psygod    
  7.   Unveiling The Secret   06:32   Leaether Strip    
  8.   Misery   04:55   steril    
  9.   The Saint Became A Lush    05:10   Rhesus Factor and Rio Black    
  10.   Prisoner To Desire   06:49   Luminance    
  11.   Uncivilized    03:47   WANT/ed featuring Patrik Hansson    
  12.   Eternal    04:10   Lovers Revenge    
  13.   Land Of Broken Promises   04:24   X-in June    
  14.   15 Minutes    04:25   Nine Circles    
  15.   The Brain Collapses    03:42   The Invincible Spirit    
  16.   Illusion   04:02   The Rorschach Garden    
  17.   Black Panther    03:28   Neurobash    
  18.   Exhale   05:05   Dead Eyes Open    
  19.   Tears    04:20   Evo-lution    
  20.   The Sundial    03:23   Parralox   80 BPM
  21.   Insatiable    04:39   EGOamp    
  22.   Love Is A Winter    03:36   Technoir    
  23.   Sanctuary   03:47   Love Is Colder Than Death    
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Psyche - The Sundial
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Psyche - The Sundial
(Live in France 2004)


Song - The Sundial
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - John von Ahlen
Written by - Darrin C. Huss & David Kristian
Original appears on - The album "The Influence" 1989

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information:

Tribute to Psyche curated by Stefan Rukavina @ Radio Body Music

Released 23 May 2015

Parralox, Arcana Obscura, Future Trail, Leaetherstrip, The Rorschach Garden, Psygod, Echo West, Steril, Rhesus Factor & Rio Black, Nine Circles, Love Is Colder Than Death, Technoir, Human Nihil, and more...


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