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Parralox - Recovery

Digital Download.
Released on July 26, 2013.
Subterrane Records. PLOX012

Parralox - Recovery

  01 Eye In The Sky
02 A Little Respect
03 Physical Attraction
04 The Day Before You Came
05 Silent Morning (feat. Ryan Adamés)
06 Somebody
07 Touched by the Hand of God
08 The Model
09 Headhunter
10 Heaven (Beautiful World Remix)
11 The Number One Song in Heaven
12 In The Night Two
13 I Love You Too Much
14 Silent Morning (feat. Ryan Adamés) (Dark Intensity Ultimix)
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Parralox - Recovery

Compact Disc.
Released on September 2013.
conzoom Records. CRCD PLOX 12

 Parralox - Recovery (Jewel Case)

01 In The Night Two (Pet Shop Boys)
02 Eye In The Sky (The Alan Parsons Project)
03 Headhunter (Front 242)
04 Touched By The Hand Of God (New Order)
05 Kebabträume (DAF)
06 A Forest (The Cure)
07 Somebody (Depeche Mode)
08 The Day Before You Came (Abba)
09 Blind Vision (Blancmange)
10 Physical Attraction (Madonna)
11 Silent Morning (Noel)
12 A Little Respect (Erasure)
13 The Model (Kraftwerk)
14 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

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Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizers - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii, John von Ahlen
Backing Vocals - Roxy
Written by - Various

Photography - Mike Cooper
Sleeve Design/CGI - John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information: Compact Disc released as Limited Edition on conzoom Records.
℗ 2024 Subterrane Records
© 2024 Tunecore Publishing


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