Parralox - Goodbye Berlin (Single)


Parralox, an Australian electronic music band based in Melbourne, was formed in 2008 by John von Ahlen and within that same year released their debut album "Electricity", which took the Internet and pop blogosphere by storm.


About Parralox:
John von Ahlen, a Melbourne native is the mastermind behind Parralox's world-class sound. Parralox have specifically made a splash within the club culture due to their cutting-edge, electronic pop sound. Noteworthy critics who have praised Parralox include MTV Buzzworthy, LOGO, Popjustice, Perez Hilton, Arjan Writes, Elektro Magazine and more.
Parralox, an Australian electronic music band based in Melbourne, were formed in 2008 by John von Ahlen and within that same year released their debut album "Electricity", which took the Internet and pop blogosphere by storm. John's passion and commitment to electronic music is unparalleled and his knowledge of all technologies associated with the genre is seriously impressive. A mix of '80's dance pop and modern EDM/synthwave styles by the likes of Stuart Price, Trevor Horn and Goldfrapp influences Parralox's unique sound. Parralox embraces difference and has a love for all things science fiction, synthetic and surreal.
Parralox is John von Ahlen and Johanna Gervin.

About the Parralox single "'Goodbye Berlin”.

Parralox Celebrates 15 Years with release of “Goodbye Berlin” Visual

“Goodbye Berlin”, the new single from Parralox, the electronic pop band fronted by out singer John von Ahlen, is a synthpop-retrowave track about running away from a lover. It’s darker and more introspective than the band’s recent release, “Tears of Faith”, but like its predecessor, is also based on real life. “I wrote the song after a tense visit with a friend in Berlin,” von Ahlen explains. “It got to the point where I literally had to get the hell out of Berlin as quickly as a I could. I mean, I just didn’t want to be there.” Some of the lyrics are taken directly from text messages von Ahlen sent to friends at the time, including the song’s opening line: I spent three days walking in the rain. “I escaped to London a few days later where I wrote the song in a day, taking elements of what happened and turning it into a bitter-sweet love song,” the singer-songwriter says. “Goodbye Berlin” is available on Spotify and all digital platforms. It’s visual is on YouTube.

Johanna Gervin, who sings the lead vocals on ‘Goodbye Berlin’, scored the opportunity by being at the right place at the right time. “A few days after writing the song in London, I was in Manchester for a gig,” John von Ahlen continues. “Johanna lives in Manchester, so I asked her to record the vocals. She nailed it with a sound that exudes that sense of isolation and detachment I felt in Berlin.”

“I was actually pregnant when we recorded the song and boy oh boy, I didn't realize how out of breath I would get carrying my daughter,” Gervin laughs. “It did, however, give John wanted the vocal quality he was after.”

The music video was filmed late at night in Manchester, UK and depicts von Ahlen and Gervin, dressed in black, walking alone in the city center. John von Ahlen chose locations that looked moody and bleak, in order to fit the sentiment of the song. “I’ve been directing music videos for over two decades, and it can be jarring when you have to step into the role of director with people you are close with, as I am with Johanna,” von Ahlen reflects. “Luckily, Johanna’s a real trooper, a professional who takes direction and never complains, even when it’s two in the morning and freezing cold, like how it was on the shoot for Goodbye Berlin!”

“Goodbye Berlin” is the second single release from Parralox’s Genesis album. “Genesis is more mature than anything we’ve ever produced, especially in terms of its songwriting,” von Ahlen contends. “When the band first started, we borrowed a lot from the 80s. We still do today, but to a much lesser extent. We’re finding more of our own style and exhibiting our own unique perspective.”

Parralox launched in 2007 when, on a whim, John von Ahlen collaborated with vocalist Rowena "Roxy" Martin for a track he had written, “I Fell in Love with a Drum Machine”. The song became a hit and led to the duo recording their first album together, Electricity.

Now in its fifteenth year, the band has experienced several shake-ups. It currently features John von Ahlen as the band’s lead vocalist and female vocalists Johanna Gervin, Jane Badler, and Louise Love. Ian Burden (formerly of The Human League) rounds out the band in the role of guest Bass Guitarist.

“I hope fans enjoy our new sound,” John von Ahlen continues. “It’s been a while since we released original material, and it’s really so awesome to get this out there. It never ceases to amaze me when we get feedback on social media about the songs and videos, and it’s really rewarding when people say they are inspired by the songs. It’s the ultimate compliment.”

“Goodbye Berlin” is available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and all digital platforms now.
It’s visual is on YouTube.


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Parralox - Goodbye Berlin (Single)

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Goodbye Berlin

Digital Download. 
Released on October 27, 2023. 
Subterrane Records. PLOX041

01 Goodbye Berlin (Synthwave Mix)
02 Goodbye Berlin (Italoconnection Remix - Radio Edit)
03 Goodbye Berlin (Italoconnection Remix - Extended)
04 Goodbye Berlin (Anaqim Remix)
05 Goodbye Berlin (Atomsimn Dark Dream Mix)
06 Goodbye Berlin (Birmingham Electric U-Bahn Reconstruction)
07 Goodbye Berlin (DMT Berzerk Remix)
08 Goodbye Berlin (Fused Remix)
09 Goodbye Berlin (Planet Neil Mix)
10 Goodbye Berlin (Uncreated Remix)
11 Goodbye Berlin (Wayne Numan Remix)
12 Tears of Faith feat Jane Badler (The Latin Society Remix)
13 Tears of Faith feat Jane Badler (The Safety Word Synthwave Remix Instrumental) *
* Exclusive to Bandcamp

01 - 11 written by John von Ahlen
12 / 13 written by Lillia Auzou and John von Ahlen


Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro

Vocals - Johanna Gervin (01-11)
Vocals - Jane Badler (12)

Backing vocals - Jane Badler
Backing vocals - Johanna Gervin
Backing vocals
- Louise Love
Backing vocals - John von Ahlen

Fairlight CMI 30A Programming - John von Ahlen
Emulator II, Roland System 100 and Fairlight CMI-30A courtesy of Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS).

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio, Melbourne, Australia

Director - John von Ahlen
Editing & CGI - John von Ahlen
Production Assistant - Nicole Toupee
Camera Operator - Mike Cooper
Craft Services - Julie MacMahon
Logistics - Simon Hewitt
Location - Macnhester City Centre, United Kingdon

Editing Adobe Premiere & After Effects
4K AI Upscaling: Topaz Video Enhance
Noise Reduction: Neat Video
Colour Grading Davinci Resolve

Photography & Design: John von Ahlen

Management (Los Angeles) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

© 2023 Tunecore Publishing
℗ 2023 Subterrane Records

Additional Info:
Chorus lyrics written on Sunday the 10th of February in Hamburg.
Verse lyrics written on Friday the 15th of February in Berlin at the Lindemann Hotel.
Music written on Saturday the 16th of February from 14:12 to 15:35 hours at Mike and Nic's Studio in Sandbach.
Vocals recorded in YSF Studio, Sandbach with Johanna on Sunday the 17th of February, 2019.




Parralox - Goodbye Berlin (Single)


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