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Poptastic Confessions (USA) review Aeronaut

Poptastic Confessions wrote a fantastic article on the new release of Aeronaut

Now on to better news! Melbourne-based electropop-act Parralox are back with a new song called "Aeronaut." And it is simply amazing. In our 2015 Music Forecast, I thought the new singer, Johanna would be on lead vocals. She isn't. Instead, John takes the lead and he does a fantastic job. Have a listen ...

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AusPop (Australia) piece on the new Parralox music video for Aeronaut

AusPop music blog have written a lovely article on the new music video for Aeronaut and the Limited Edition CD.

Visit AusPop to read the article >>

Special thanks to Damian!

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Being Blogged (Sweden) article on Aeronaut

Being Boiled (Sweden) posted a link to our new music for Aeronaut. Tack så mycket!!!

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The Aussie Word (Australia) reviews Aeronaut by Parralox

Brian Peel's blog "The Aussie Word" has written a fantastic article about our new song "Aeronaut".

"Aeronaut" by Parralox marks a new era for the Melbourne based electronic pop act who are moving in excitingly new brighter directions in lead up to their new album. 

Having received elevated acclaim in international club culture with their epic dance cover of Radiohead's classic "Creep" and in the pop music blogoshpere by MTV Buzzworthy, LOGO, Perez Hilton, Elektro Magazine, Popjustice, EQ Music, Cold War Nightlife and Arjan Writes, it's evident that the Parralox sound continues to resonate deeply into the fabric of the popular music landscape supported by regular radio rotation on GaydioThis Is Electric and JOY 949 in Melbourne.

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Thanks Brian and see you at JOY949 :)
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Elektroskull (Sweden) article on Aeronaut (Limited Edition CD)

Elekroskull have written a piece about the new Limited Edition CD for Aeronaut, released via conzoom Records.

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